English Bridge Education and Development update

Last week we circulated the first newsletter on behalf of English Bridge Education and Development, the charity which has been established to promote bridge and establish the sound infrastructure on which future growth can take place. We hope you, and all members of your club, received it. If they did not then they should check their ‘junk mail’ folder and maybe let the spam filter know that such emails are from friends not foes. The newsletter can also be read online at http://www.ebedcio.org.uk/files/docs/newsletter-november-2014.pdf should you wish to direct anyone to it.

Young Bridge Challenge

One event mentioned in the newsletter which we wish to highlight is the Young Bridge Challenge. This event represents a wonderful opportunity for all school-age youngsters to play in a free event against other children. There is a competition for all experience levels, from those who have recently learnt to play minibridge through to the strong players competing for the Schools Cup. There is also a short game for any accompanying adults who wish to play.

It takes place at Loughborough Grammar School on the afternoon of Saturday 28th February. Entry is free.

We would like to emphasise that this event is open to all school-age players, and they needn’t come as part of a school team. Whilst there is a competition for school teams there are more teams, and indeed partnerships, formed on the day. We hope that any interested youngster, or any young pair, will be able to take part at the level which best suits their abilities, and can have an enjoyable afternoon playing with, and against, those of a similar age. Whilst prizes are awarded the emphasis is far more on having fun and getting as many young people together to play bridge, at whatever standadrd they choose, as possible.

So, if you have any young players at your club, then do please encourage them to take part. Similarly please make your members aware of the event as there may be children in their families or social groups who can play – even if only at an ‘embryonic, mini-bridge’ level, as they would be welcome. It could be the first step in the next stage of their love for the game.

For more information and an entry form please visit http://www.ebedcio.org.uk/node/30