Club Management Focus: Autumn 2014

National Pairs Competition 2014-15

The EBU invites your club to host a heat of the National Pairs competition.

The competition is run in three stages. The first stage is a qualifying heat held at any club in the country that wishes to do so, with the second and third being regional and national finals.

The National Pairs is an event in the Championship Series, in which points can be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship. This competition offers a prize to the player who accumulates the most points across the EBU's most prestigious events. We hope taking part in the Player of the Year Championship will be popular and by hosting a heat you will enable your interested members to compete for the points which are on offer.

Heats can be part of a normal club game, in which case those who do not wish to be considered for qualification should make this known to their club organiser prior to the start. We hope, however, that there would be sufficient interest within the club to arrange a heat in which all competitors aim to qualify. In either instance we require a single-winner movement to be used (i.e. Howell or arrow-switched Mitchell type). You may wish to refer to our movement chart for the more awkward number of tables

The heat can be held any time between now and mid-February to suit your club calendar. The only requirement is that we ask that your qualifying round to be completed by mid-February to allow enough time for both the EBU and the qualifiers to make the necessary arrangements prior to the regional finals on 15th March 2015. The Regional Finals take place in five locations round the country, and the National Finals are in West Bromwich on 18th - 19th April 2015.

Since 2012 we have charged a greatly reduced entry fee for the heat - only £1 need be remitted per player who wishes to enter (there would be no additional charge, over and above the usual Universal Membership rate, for anyone taking part in your heat who did not wish to be eligible for qualification).

Master Points are awarded at all stages of the competition, with Blue points awarded on the regional scale. (i.e. Club scale x 3) in the heat, Blue and Green in the regional final, and Green in the national final.

Whilst it is hoped that most clubs will welcome visitors (EBU members), they are under no obligation to do so, either due to reasons of space or as a matter of general policy. We therefore hope that every club will host a heat to enable any of their members who are interested to attempt to qualify.

For more details, and specific information on qualification, please visit the competition webpage, or contact Peter Jordan.

This list has some of the clubs which are hosting heats. If you intend hosting a heat, and you are not listed, please let us know.