Information on Novice Session rates

Please remember that the previously announced changes with regard to Novice Sessions came into effect on 01 October 2014. This affects Player Session Rates (PSR's) 04, 11 & 22 - the codes previously used for submitting results of the various different types of teaching/supervised play sessions.

The EBU Board decided that as of 1st October codes 4 and 11 are no longer available in order to simplify the structure and address the issue that under the old structure players who didn’t pay (and may have received help) were awarded Master Points, while those who paid half-price didn’t receive any.

PSR 22 will remain and be the only code for submitting ‘novice sessions’, whether they are supervised play or training sessions.

Please note:

  1. Novice Sessions may now be more than 16 boards if required. If these sessions are submitted to the EBU the club must use code 22 which will be charged at 50% of the Universal Membership Subscription (P2P) rate (i.e. 50% of whatever UM actually is and does not include a county element). Codes 4 and 11 are no longer be available as of 01 October, 2014.
  2. These sessions will attract Magazine points but will not attract master points or be graded for the NGS (national Grading Scheme). It is up to the club to decide whether they wish to submit the results in order for their novices to earn magazine points or not. The EBU magazine is expensive to produce and therefore we feel that everyone receiving a copy should make a contribution to the cost.
  3. Novice Sessions are strictly defined as follows and must be open to non-members of the club:

We hope you will agree that these changes are very positive and will encourage the provision of Novice Sessions at clubs in an effort to help membership recruitment.

If a club chooses not to submit the results from novice sessions, but an individual wishes to become an EBU member in order to receive the EBU magazine and enjoy the other benefits of EBU membership, then they can always join as a ‘Direct Member’. Please see for more information

If you require any further clarification then please don’t hesitate to contact our Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski, by emailing or by calling 01296 317206