Free playing cards to all EBU affiliated clubs

All clubs should have received the following email last month. In case you have misplaced it the information is below.

I am pleased to report that during the 2014/15 financial year the EBU staff and officials have been able to make a number of one-off savings which have resulted in a better financial performance than was originally forecast. There is likely to be a surplus rather than a small loss. Whilst the EBU Board believes that the pro-posed 2015/16 Universal Membership subscription is correct, the state of the reserves means that some money can be released back to the clubs. I am therefore delighted to be able to pass some of the savings which have been made back to all clubs in a way from which all members will get a tangible benefit.

The EBU Board has approved all clubs receiving from the EBU Shop three multipacks of playing cards, allowing every club to refresh a full set of boards. This donation will benefit all players – there is nothing that bridge players dislike more than playing with dirty cards, so I am sure that all members will appreciate it. Dependent on the take-up of the offer, this could save clubs up to £30,000 and with immediate benefits.

How to order your free cards

Please order from Sue or Liz in the EBU Shop by email to If you need to speak to them they can be contacted on 01296 397851 (direct) or 01296 317200. Orders cannot be placed online, although the online shop is available for all other ordering.

Please choose either:

There will be no additional charge for delivery. The parcel can contain up to 20kg, so please consider using the available space to purchase any extra items that your club needs. There will be over 15kg of available space in the parcel, so as you are receiving free delivery why not stock up on other equipment and stationery?! A full price list is available here, or please check the online shop for current special offers and, of course, the usual 12% discount to clubs applies on nearly all items. If you wish to buy anything else just let Sue or Liz know when you email/call.

Orders must be placed by 21st March 2015. Please be aware that as demand will be very high there may be some delay in the receipt of your cards. We will try to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible, but please note that priority may be given to more ‘time sensitive’ orders, and on occasions we may experience short-term shortages of stock of your chosen cards.

We are glad to be able to take the opportunity of returning something to our clubs and members and hope you will take advantage of this offer.

Jeremy Dhondy
EBU Chairman