Club Management Focus: Winter 2015

TD and Club Teacher Courses

Club Tournament Director Courses

Club Tournament Director Courses are held nationally in respond to demand from individual clubs. Please email EBED if your club would be interested in hosting a suite of these courses, which are usually held at monthly intervals.

These courses are the first step on the ladder and consist of four modules: Essentials, Book Rulings, Judgement Rulings and Assessment.

Details of currently planned courses may be found here

Club teacher training

To help membership recruitment in your club, English Bridge Education & Development is now running an important teacher training initiative to help all bridge clubs to 'grow their own' membership through an integrated teaching programme.

The purpose of this course is to provide basic training for club members who are prepared to offer a teach-ing programme at their club. This needs to be as part of programme to which the whole club is committed and which is designed to attract new members into bridge and then nurture their development within the world of duplicate play.

The key to a successful club teaching programme lies with evolving a whole year group from classroom to club room in no more than a year. Players should be integrated into the club as early as possible through a programme of teaching, supervised play, "no fear" duplicates and above all by providing an atmosphere of encouragement and welcome.

The success of your club development programme should not be measured based on how effectively the student member has learned Blackwood or transfers in response to 1NT. Performance should be evaluated by looking at how many of the year group eventually graduate to playing regularly at your club duplicate sessions. The responsibility of this falls to the whole club membership. The future of your club may depend on it.

We would like to hear from clubs who are interested in hosting, or taking part in, a course. Our upcoming courses are:

Wearside Bridge Club - Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th June 2015
Bristol - Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th June 2015

Preliminary planning is taking place for courses in Herts, Leics, Cambs & Hunts, and Norwich.

To find out more please visit or contact