Changes to the Model Club Constitution

We have recently updated the Model Club Constitution, changing the section on 'winding up your club'. The information is below, or can be seen in the constitution available via


17.1. In order for a resolution that the Club shall be wound up to have effect at least two-thirds of the votes cast on the resolution must be in favour, and in addition the number of votes cast in favour of the resolution must exceed one-half of the number of members of the Club entitled to attend and vote at the General Meeting at which the resolution is put.

17.2. If a resolution that the Club shall be wound up is effectively passed, the Committee shall be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Club, and unless the winding up has been initiated with a view to amalgamating the Club with some other club (in which case any surplus assets and funds may be transferred to such other club), any surplus assets and funds shall be transferred to such of the organisations mentioned in clause 17.3 as may be specified in the resolution initiating the winding up, and if no such organisation is so specified, to such of those organisations as the Committee may think fit.

17.3. The organisations referred to in clause 17.2 are

English Bridge Education and Development, registered charity 1153543.
The [21] County Contract Bridge
Association; and

any Registered or recognised charitable body