Club Management Focus: Winter 2015

The Summer Meeting

The Summer Meeting will be at the Hilton Metropole in Brighton from 14th to 23rd August.

As in recent years there will be Weekend Challenge Events, which span three days, One Day Events for those looking for shorter competitions, and the midweek Mercian Travel Seniors Congress. There will be Really Easy events (for less experienced players), plus seminars, and Tournament Director courses. There is hopefully something for everyone, regardless of their standard or how much time they have available, and the congress will appeal to everyone at your club. We hope that in coming months you will promote it to them and help us make it a success.

The full schedule can be seen at

Discount for club group bookings

This year we are offering clubs the opportunity to come as a group to our midweek afternoon one Day Events, and receive a significant discount off their entry fee. Clubs are invited to take advantage of our midweek special by getting 'buy one get one free' when they bring ten or more pairs.

For a payment of £90 a club can secure places for up to ten pairs in the following events

  • Monday 17th August 2pm - Open Pairs
  • Tuesday 18th August 2pm - Open Pairs
  • Wednesday 19th August 2pm - Open Pairs
  • Thursday 20th August 2pm - Open Pairs
  • Friday 21st August 1pm - Open Pairs or Point-a-Board Teams

An eleventh pair, or above, will also be allowed half-price entry (£4.50 per person).

These events are all single-sessions and blue points will be awarded.

The offer applies when all club members take part in the same afternoon session (so the entry can be split across the two events on Friday afternoon if preferred). Not all ten places need be filled - you can pay £90 and bring nine or ten pairs which would still save you money. To take advantage of the offer, please see this entry form.