Club Management Focus: Spring 2015

Welcome to Club Management Focus.

Welcome to the Spring edition of Club Management Focus, the newsletter for all those concerned in the administration of clubs. I hope you will find some useful information in it. Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to cover in future editions.

The EBU has been using Jeff Smith's scoring software internally for some time and because of Jeff's generosity we will be in a position to offer and support the JS set of software for our clubs later in the year. The first details are in this newsletter.

From August when you run a duplicate session all the players must be scheduled to play 75% or more of the boards in play. This is because contestants should play as many boards in common as possible to make the contest meaningful. In most duplicates everyone does but there are a few awkward table numbers (11 is a classic number with 33 boards in play but only playing 24 of them). The article in this newsletter gives detail of alternatives.

A feature of some congresses over the last year or so has been a Really Easy afternoon session and more recently satellite sessions of these events have been held in clubs. If your club is interested please see the article on how to apply. It's a good chance to run something for those who are relatively inexperienced.

Finally can I make a plea that the person in the club charged with membership matters looks at Admin Corner and takes action on your club database.

The next newsletter, the Summer edition, will be sent out in August 2015.

Jeremy Dhondy