Club Management Focus: Spring 2015

The Summer Meeting

As you may know, the EBU Board has made the decision to move the Summer Meeting to Eastbourne from 2016. This decision is based on a number of factors, and takes in to account the feedback received from members in the survey which was undertaken late last year. The move to Eastbourne addresses a number of concerns expressed during the survey – in particular the cost and availability of accommodation and the cost and difficulty of parking – whilst maintaining the ‘holiday resort’ location which was appealing to the majority of the respondents. The new venue will also lead to a reduction in the cost of holding the event, and this will be passed on through a reduction in the entry fees. More details on these prices will be available in 2016.

We hope that the move to Eastbourne will be a great success, and the event will be well supported, but that does not mean we aren’t determined to make the 2015 Summer Meeting the best it can be. We will continue to provide the high quality competitions, lectures, and training courses which you have come to expect at the Summer Meeting, and hope that you will encourage your club members to join us to say a fond farewell to Brighton. As an incentive we have two special offers – please see below for details.

A £50 discount for players

Any member booking for the Full Congress in 2015, will receive a £50 reduction on their cost of entry for the Full Congress in 2016. Coupled with the planned reduction in entry fees, we hope this will encourage an increased attendance for both congresses.

Discount for club group bookings

As was the case last year, we are offering clubs the opportunity to come as a group to our midweek afternoon events, and receive a significant discount off their entry fee. Clubs are invited to take advantage of our midweek special - 'buy one get one free' when entering ten pairs.

For a payment of £100 a club can secure places for up to ten pairs in the following events

  • Monday 11th August 2pm Open Pairs
  • Tuesday 12th August 2pm Open Pairs
  • Wednesday 13th August 2pm Open Pairs
  • Thursday 14th August 2pm Open Pairs
  • Friday 15th August 1pm Open Pairs or Point-a-Board Teams
  • These events are all single-sessions and blue points will be awarded.

An eleventh pair, or above, will also be allowed half-price entry (£5 per person). The offer applies when all club members take part in the same afternoon session (so the entry can be split across the two events on Friday afternoon if preferred). Not all ten places need be filled, so you can still make a saving if only coming as a group of six to nine pairs.

To take advantage of the offer, please see this entry form.

Please spread the word

We hope that there will be enough interest that you may attend as a group from your club, but if that is not the case then we hope that you will still encourage your members to join us. Information on the events is available on our website:

The Summer Meeting - for information on the full congress
Weekend Challenge Events – for information on the prestigious multi-day competitions which take place on the weekends.
One Day Events – for information on the single day competitions: multi-session events at the weekends, and single session events on weekdays.
Really Easy Congress – First Step events for those who have recently learned to play, and Next Step events for club players wanting to move their game forward by playing in a congress for the first time.

Thank you for your support of the event, and we hope to see you and your members (perhaps as a group booking) in Brighton.