Club Management Focus: Spring 2015

Public Liability Insurance

The insurance brokers with which the EBU works – Osborne’s - believe that it is a common misconception amongst bridge clubs that is that if they hire or lease premises then the owner’s property/liability policy will extend to cover the bridge club who rent or lease the property from them.

This is almost never the case and although the property owner’s insurance policy will cover the property owner themselves should they cause loss, injury or damage, the same policy will not provide cover for the bridge club.

You should therefore ensure that if these circumstances apply to you that you are adequately insured.

Affiliated clubs are able to take out public liability insurance through Osborne’s for very competitive prices. More information is available here. Alternatively please contact Karen Durrell at the EBU –, 01296 317201, or Jayson Abbott at Osbornes Insurances Oxford Ltd- 01844 213161 or