Admin Corner

We hope that you will assist us by spring cleaning your membership list.

Removing non-members

A number of clubs have a membership list which includes people who no longer play at the club – they may have moved away from the area, or sadly may no longer be with us. Please take a moment to look through your list of members and remove those who, for whatever reason, are no longer members of your club.

  1. Log in to the Club's member area on the EBU website
  2. Click on the tab labelled 'Members'
  3. Click on the relevant exmember's name
  4. Click on the red cross

Note that removal from your Club’s member list will not affect their EBU status if they are a direct member of the EBU or a member of another EBU-affiliated club. For deceased members, please also email us on

Email accuracy

Many existing members do not have an email address on the system, and a large number have an email address which is incorrect or out of date. This can cause problems when members try to access their area of the website (to look at scores, enter competitions, read the online magazine etc).

It would be a good service to your members, and very helpful to us, if you could provide a spreadsheet giving as many members email addresses as possible, along with their name and EBU number. Any member submitting their email address can choose to opt out of any ‘third party’ mailing, and we will not pass on their email to anyone without their consent.

If you contact us we can provide you with a list of all club members who’s email addresses we don’t have – that may make it easier for you to fill in the blanks.

Updating the club details

Please look at the club listing on the website - - and check that the details we hold for your club are correct: is that where and when you meet? are those the facilities at your venue? etc. Please email to let us know of any changes which need to be made.