Club Management Focus: Spring 2015

Scoring news

At the Shareholders meeting on Wednesday 13th May the Chairman announced some changes to scoring software which would take place later in the year.

The EBU, most counties, and some clubs, have used Jeff Smith’s scoring program for some time. From October this suite of programs will be managed and supported from Aylesbury and will be renamed as EBUScore with the existing suite of separate programs for pairs, teams etc maintained. We have acquired the suite of programs from Jeff and thank him for his generosity in developing and supporting these programs for some years now at little or no cost to those using them.

We will announce details regarding support for these programs later in the summer. Our intention is that the programs will remain available to clubs at no purchase cost. Newly affiliated clubs will be offered a free copy of the programs. Details about updates and support will follow.

Clubs who currently use Scorebridge or another program may switch to EBUScore if they wish but may continue to use their existing program if that is their preference. The EBU are committed to maintaining the common interface (USEBIO) which allows all compliant scoring programs to talk to EBU systems.

Updating PairsScorer

We are aware of some scoring problems which have arisen as clubs are using an old version of Jeff Smith’s PairsScorer. Will all clubs which use PairsScorer please ensure they are using the most up to date version – the current version is 7.2.92, released on 6th May 2015.

If you need to update your PairsScorer, please download the new version from here.