Appeal Focus: Spring 2010

Tournament Directors Development Group

by Martin Pool

Our group has been set up by the Board to do what our title says. We are continuing the work carried out by our predecessors the TD Assessment Committee and adding to that the development and training role.

Two years ago we set out to interview every TD and we are now near to completing this task. Not surprisingly it has been extremely illuminating. We have learnt a lot about what is the best side of the TD work and that which is least satisfactory. With this in mind we will be modifying the content of the TD panel weekend which has been arranged for October.

We will be having a meeting with Max Bavin and John Pain to decide on the programme soon so if you have any bright ideas you would like us to consider get in touch.

It is pleasing to report that there are presently four trainee directors. We now have a more structured approach to their training with more pro active advice from senior directors and a development log to record progress about to be circulated. Together with other measures we hope that this will enable them to be well trained and join the Panel more quickly.

We are aware that the allocation of directors to events does not always fit with everyone's wishes. Although for some weekends we are stretched, most of the time to there are far more volunteers than there is work and so there is bound to be disappointment. Also I think for obvious reasons we cannot year after year appoint the same people to the same event. One idea that might run is to state preferences when offering to work, so that you would be very likely to get your first few preferences but less likely to get others. I hasten to add that this is an idea and not policy and we need to hear from you on what you think.

Although I have written about directors if you are an appeal committee member or any other interested person we would be very pleased to hear from you.