Club Management Focus: Summer 2015

Scoring News

  • From October 1st Jeff Smith’s program is to be owned, run and licensed by the EBU. He has very generously donated it to the EBU.
  • It will be renamed EBUScore and have all the same parts e.g. Pairs Scorer, Teams Scorer etc as now.
  • Any affiliated club currently using it can continue to do so and will receive all updates for free. The updates will be available via the member’s area. Counties will also be able to use it on the same terms.
  • Support (subject to fair use) will be available for all these clubs. Initially there will be no cost for this.
  • We will publish more detailed information on the EBU website during September but there will be a support area and help with frequently asked questions.
  • All newly affiliated clubs will be offered a copy of this software.
  • We will look for a small number of clubs to help with testing new versions.
  • After October we will organise training for those who wish it.
  • For those clubs who currently use another product they will be able to continue to do so with no changes but we hope that some clubs will consider changing to EBUScore – there will be no charge for switching. The EBU is committed to USEBIO, which is the common interface, allowing all clubs to use any compliant software.
  • There will be separate arrangements for unaffiliated clubs in England and elsewhere.