Club TD Training Courses

As you will be aware, our Club Tournament Director Training Courses are now offered by the new charity English Bridge Education & Development. The charity has recently reviewed the courses with a view to making them even more successful in the future.

Guided by Mike Amos, a senior National Tournament Director, EBED are now working on a revision of the course material, which has been largely unchanged for many years and is in need of updating, both to take into account feedback from course participants and tutors, as well as changes in the bridge environment.

As part of EBED’s desire to make duplicate bridge more widely available, and in line with the charity’s objectives, these courses are now being offered to members of non-affiliated clubs.

The EBU and EBED have also carefully reviewed the costs for administering and running these courses, the effectiveness of the courses and the need to be able to provide these services sustainably into the future.

Following discussions between the EBU Board and the charity, it has been decided to revise the pricing structure for all Club Tournament Director Training Courses which start after 1st October 2015. You will have received an email to this effect in February, but we wanted to remind you of these forthcoming changes.

This will bring to an end the time-limited promotional buy-one-get-one-free offer for bookings made through affiliated clubs, and it will be replaced with a simplified pricing structure which includes discounts for EBU Members.

EBU Members will enjoy a discount of 12% from the standard pricing, and a ‘Full Course’ package will be available for those booking, and paying for, all four modules at the same venue at the same time. The ‘Full Course’ price will include a further £15 discount. Bookings may be made by clubs, or directly by members. EBED will receive the full cost of the course, with the discount being subsidised by the EBU.

The revised pricing will be as follows:

ModuleOld PricesNew PricesEBU Members Price
Book Rulings£44£45£39.60
Judgement Rulings£44£45£39.60
Full Course£178£190£152.20

All courses are organised by English Bridge Education and Development, the national charity for the promotion and development of bridge.

Forthcoming courses:

Essentials £39 (£40 from 31.8.2015)
Loddon Vale, Reading, Saturday 15th August 2015
Brighton Summer Congress, Monday 17th August 2015
Brierfield, Sunday 20th September 2015 (was 6th September 2015)
Sobell (Northwood), Saturday 3rd October 2015
Aylesbury (EBU), Wednesday 28th October 2015
West Midlands BC, Tuesday 19th January 2016
Book Rulings £44 (£45 from 31.8.2015)
Brighton Summer Congress, Tuesday 18th August 2015
Loddon Vale, Reading, Saturday 12th September 2015
Brierfield, Sunday 27th September 2015 (no change)
Sobell (Northwood), Saturday 10th October 2015
Aylesbury (EBU), Wednesday 25th November 2015
West Midlands BC, Tuesday 16th February 2016

Judgement Rulings £44 (£45 from 31.8.2015)
Brighton Summer Congress, Wednesday 19th August 2015
Sobell (Northwood), Saturday 17th October 2015
Brierfield, Sunday 18th October 2015 (was 25th October 2015)
Loddon Vale, Reading, Saturday 31st October 2015
Aylesbury (EBU), Wednesday 20th January 2016
West Midlands BC, Tuesday 15th March 2016

Assessment £51 (£60 from 31.8.2015)
East Midlands Bridge Academy, Saturday 1st August 2015 (TBC)
Brighton Summer Congress, Thursday 20th August 2015
Wearside, Sunday 13th September 2015
Sobell (Northwood), Saturday 14th November 2015
Brierfield, Sunday 29th November 2015 (was 22nd November 2015)
Loddon Vale, Reading, Saturday 5th December 2015
Aylesbury (EBU), Wednesday 24th February 2016
West Midlands BC, Tuesday 19th April 2016