Club Management Focus: Summer 2015

Dimmie Fleming Award

It’s that time of year when we ask for nominations for this year’s Dimmie Fleming Award.

The intent of the Dimmie Fleming award is to publicly recognise those people who do not hold an official (i.e. EBU) office, but have given long and distinguished service for Bridge administration at County level.

The duration and value of the service given by those granted the Award should be significant and substantial, but will be viewed flexibly and moderated by the Awards Sub Committee. They should be volunteers who have contributed to County administration, typically giving 10/15 years’ service to the county.

Board Directors, Vice Presidents, EBU employees and Panel Tournament Directors are excluded from nomination, however after leaving office such people are eligible for an award, if they have also worked hard for bridge at County level.

All nominations should be via your County who will then submit the nomination to the EBU stating that approval of the County Committee has been obtained. There is a restriction of two nominations from any one county.

The closing date for nominations is 24th August 2015.