EBUScore now available

We are pleased to announce that EBUScore is now available. EBUScore is the new name for the software developed by Jeff Smith, and which has previously carried the names PairsScorer and TeamsScorer.

EBUScore is available free of charge to all affiliated clubs. We hope that EBUScore will become the standard for our affiliated clubs, though you do not have to switch to it unless, or until, you are ready to do so. Other programs that you may currently use, and which comply with the requirements of the EBU Universal Membership scheme, can still be used. If you are considering switching scoring program, however, then this may be an ideal opportunity to try EBUScore - it is free, so can be tried at no expense. We are able to guarantee that technical support for EBUScore will be provided by EBU staff for as long as the software is available, and this too will be free in the initial stages - a small charge for support may be introduced in future. There will, however, be no 'subscription fee', or charge for use, and all software updates will be available at no charge too.

EBUScore can be downloaded from the new members area of the website - www.ebu.co.uk/members/v2 - when you have logged-in as the club.

The scoring options provided by EBUScore are extremely comprehensive. For some clubs this may seem a little daunting, however we hope that once you become familiar with the user interface you will find it straightforward to use. There is, however, an intention to introduce a more streamlined 'ClubScorer' version in the near future, aimed at those clubs who run 'simple', 'standard' sessions.

If you currently use Jeff Smith's suite of programs, then you will find EBUScore almost identical. But Jeff's suite will cease to be supported, and you might find, in due course, that there will be some improvements made to EBUScore that won't be made to Jeff's . There is no immediate need to switch over, but you should look at doing so in the near future.

If you need any further details, or information on how to switch to EBUScore, please read http://www.ebu.co.uk/ebuscore-wiki/(which we will continue to expand). If this does not provide the information you need please write to ebuscore@ebu.co.uk