Bidding agreements

Additions and amendments to the regulations in the Blue Book, including details of newly authorised bidding agreements, are normally published in the August edition of English Bridge. Changes come into force from 1st August.

If a member wishes to apply to the L&EC for approval of any agreement which is not currently permitted, a submission (posted, emailed or faxed) should be sent to the Secretary of the Committee. It is helpful to include a logical defence to any agreement, and to indicate how it is to be shown on the system card. Contact details for the Secretary are:

L&E Secretary
Bicester Road
HP19 8AZ

Tel: 01296 317228

Details of the agreement must be received by the Secretary of the Committee by the end of the preceding February. There is no fee. The Committee tends to look more favourably on applications for agreements that are not especially difficult to defend against.