Club Management Focus: Autumn 2015

Admin Corner

Thank you to all the clubs which have helped us to improve the amount and accuracy of the information on our membership database.

How you can help

There are various administrative aspects with which the EBU staff would very much appreciate your assistance.

If you need help with any of these administrative aspects please see this webpage, which contains video tutorial to help you, or please contact us.

  • When a new member joins your club please provide us with all their details, not just their name. We need their full postal address, initially so they can receive the welcome letter, and subsequently so they can receive items such as the magazine. Please also provide their email address so they can also generate a password so that they can access the members area on the website. Without an email address on the system they will not be able to do this.

Please remember: When a member joins your club you need to add them to the membership list on the EBU database. Simply adding them to the scoring program you use is not sufficient.

If your club is the only one of which they are a member then only when you add them to your membership list will they start to earn Magazine Points, for example. Please check all your members appear on the members list which is available through the club’s account in the members area of the website – Help using the members area is available here -

In addition you can help us with the following:

  • Many existing members do not have an email address on the system, and a large number have an email address which is incorrect or out of date. This can cause problems when members try to access their area of the website (to look at scores, enter competitions, read the online magazine etc). It would be a good service to your members, and very helpful to us, if you could provide a spreadsheet giving as many members email addresses as possible, along with their name and EBU number. Any member submitting their email address can choose to opt out of any ‘third party’ mailing, and we will not pass on their email to anyone without their consent.
    Alternatively, we can supply to you a list of all the members for whom we do not hold an email address. This may help you to fill in the gaps in both your, and our, database.
  • Please keep your membership list up to date. When someone leaves your club, whether because they pass away, move home, or stop playing, please make the necessary updates:
    1. Log in to the Club's member area on the EBU website.
    2. Click on the tab labelled 'Members'.
    3. Click on the relevent ex-member's name.
    4. Click on the red cross.
Note that removal from your Club’s member list will not affect their EBU status if they are a direct member of the EBU or a member of another EBU-affiliated club. For deceased members, please also send an email to

  • Please encourage your members to opt out of receiving the printed version of the magazine if a) it is of no interest to them, or b) they are happy to read the online version of the magazine, or c) someone else in their household also received a copy. Likewise, if any member does not use the diary we would ask that they opt out of receiving that. Sending out diaries and magazines which are not used or thrown away unread is obviously a waste of money and resources. If you have any members who could opt out of either please ask them to let us know by emailing, or request that they update their preferences through the members area of the website.

  • Finally, please look at the club listing on the website - - and check that the details we hold for your club are correct: is that where and when you meet? are those the facilities at your venue? etc. Please email to let us know of any changes which need to be made.