Club reports available on the website

Three reports are available via My EBU – the new members area – when you are logged in as the club. This will hopefully help you to keep your membership list up to date.

1. Absent Members

All the people who haven't played in the club in over a year, along with the date they last played. In theory, the majority of the people on this list should not be members of the club.

2. Non-member players

All the people who have played in the last year who are not members of the club. In theory, people with large session counts on this report ought to be made into members.

3. All guests who play at the club

In theory, people who appear a lot on this report should be given an EBU number. Or, more likely, they have one and the scorer is not assigning them correctly.

If you need any help accessing these reports please contact For help with membership problems please contact