Club Teacher Training Courses

To help membership recruitment in your club, English Bridge Education & Development runs Club Teacher Training Courses - an important teacher training initiative to help all bridge clubs to ‘grow their own’ membership through an integrated teaching programme.

The purpose of this course is to provide basic training for club members who are prepared to offer a teaching programme at their club. This needs to be as part of programme to which the whole club is committed and which is designed to attract new members into bridge and then nurture their development within the world of duplicate play.

Current Concessions for EBU Affiliated Clubs

The EBU actively supports this programme by offering one free teacher training session to each affiliated club within any 24 month period, thus supporting the clubs’ development and need for new members. Second and subsequent teachers may attend the course on payment of the usual fee, subject to available space.
Places on these courses should be booked by the registered secretary of the club to which the prospective teacher belongs.

Any club that takes advantage of our free teacher training must agree to take all reasonable steps to provide training within one year of the course, use the Bridge for All programme with the aim of producing at least 4 students – hopefully more - as full club player members within 2 years of the course.

In addition the club will agree to remain affiliated for a full three years after the training course has taken place. In the unlikely event of failure to follow these requirements, the EBU retains the right to reclaim all, or part, of the costs involved in providing the course.

Changes from 1st September 2016

For all teacher training courses booked on or after 1st September 2016 the following applies:

For all bookings received from, invoiced to, and paid by, an affiliated club, a 20% discount is to apply. All other bookings are to remain at the full price. The discount is only offered to clubs that are paying for their teachers to attend. There is no limit to the number from each club who can attend.

This will replace the current scheme.

Through the charity EBED, the EBU intends to invest in producing new educational material, with the aim of helping people to learn how to play bridge more quickly and easily and inspire them to join Clubs. This is an objective that we are told by Members should be of the highest priority to safeguard the future of our game. To help EBED, and EBU, finance this, the financial support to teacher training in Clubs is being rebalanced, and thus this change is being made.


If you would like to attend one of these courses, please contact Lisa Miller on 01296 317217 or send her an email.

Participants do not need to be members of the English Bridge Union. They should have played duplicate bridge at club level and have a good level of understanding of the game. It is unlikely that the course will be suitable for anyone with an NGS grading below a 7; but no previous experience of teaching is required.

Courses upon Request

Courses are run around the country in response to enquiries. If you wish to attend a course but no course is scheduled within a reasonable distance from your home, please let us know via email to assist us in our forward planning.

More information

For more information, and a list of available courses, visit