Club Tournament Directors Courses

Club Tournament Directors Courses are run by English Bridge Education and Development to help equip participants with the necessary skills which will enable them to run events, from local club duplicates to county events and beyond. Training for tournament directors at county and national level is run by the EBU.

Club Tournament Director Courses are the first step on the ladder and consist of four modules: Essentials, Book Rulings, Judgement Rulings and Assessment. These courses are run nationally in response to demand from individual clubs. Please email if your club would be interested in hosting a suite of these courses.

Upcoming courses are listed at

Course prices from 1st April 2016

Previously, EBU affiliated clubs were able to send members on the courses on a ‘buy one get one free’ basis. This scheme ended in October 2015, and was replaced with a simplified pricing structure which includes a discounts for all EBU Members on all courses. These prices changed slightly on 1st April.

The revised pricing will be as follows:

ModulePrice as from 1st April 2016EBU Members Price
Book Rulings£50£45
Judgement Rulings £50£45

Upcoming courses

Essentials £50 (£45 for EBU Members)
Eastbourne Winter Garden (during Summer Congress) – Monday 22nd August 2016
Aylesbury – Wednesday 26th October 2016

Book Rulings £50 (£45 for EBU Members)
Wallingford BC, Tuesday 31st May 2016
Tunbridge Wells Saturday 18th June 2016
Eastbourne Winter Garden (during Summer Congress) – Tuesday 23rd August 2016
Aylesbury – Wednesday 30th November 2016

Judgement Rulings £50 (£45 for EBU Members)
Tunbridge Wells Saturday 16th July 2016
Eastbourne Winter Garden (during Summer Congress) – Wednesday 24th August 2016
Wallingford BC, Tuesday 6th September 2016
Barnstable, Saturday 22nd October 2016
Aylesbury – Wednesday 18th January 2017

Assessment £60 (£54 for EBU Members)
Poulton Le Fylde, Tuesday 24th May 2016
Merseyside Bridge Centre, Saturday 28th May 2016
Ilkley (Olicana), Saturday 25th June 2016
Eastbourne Winter Garden (during Summer Congress) – Thursday 25th August 2016
Tunbridge Wells Saturday 10th September 2016
Wallingford BC, Tuesday 4th October 2016
Barnstable, Sunday 30th October 2016
Aylesbury – Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Other useful resources

The EBU has created a series of videos to help Club Tournament Directors deal with six of the more commonly occurring situations. They can be viewed at

You can download useful flow charts on more commonly infringed laws from