Club Management Focus: Summer 2016

Welcome to Club Management Focus.

Welcome to the Summer 2016 Edition. I hope you find this issue a source of much important information. I'd like to draw your attention to a few items.

I hope your club will enter the NICKO this year. Details of entry and the closing date are in this issue and we have responded to some comments about making the event more truly representative by tightening the eligibility rules.

We want to be able to contact our members. You will see in this newsletter a plea to keep your membership database up to date not only making sure you have a complete list of members but also their details are updated as and when they let you know (which I am sure you encourage).

We introduced EBUScore a year ago. It is growing in popularity and we have sold copies to unaffiliated clubs in England and also overseas. If you are an affiliated club it is not only free but support is also, for the time being free. so consider taking advantage of this benefit of affiliation.

Finally does your club have enough directors or is it the same person all the time? Most clubs rely on volunteers. There are relatively few judgement rulings, it is more someone to help authoritatively with the technical problems such as a revoke or bid out of turn that is needed. Perhaps your club might consider funding a member on a course or, if you have the facilities, hosting a course? There is a discount for all courses booked via an affiliated club.

Jeremy Dhondy
Chairman, English Bridge Union
August 2016

The teaching survey
What your responses told us and what's happening
Is everyone at your club getting English Bridge?
What eligible members should do if they aren’t receiving it
Simultaneous Pairs Events
Past and future events
Host a heat of the Really Easy Afternoon
Next event is part of the Autumn Congress in October
Club Teacher Training
New courses available this autumn
Silver and Dimmie Fleming Awards
Nominations close on 22nd August
National Interclub Knockout
Entries are now open
NICKO & Garden Cities Membership Regulations for 2016/2017
Upcoming TD courses
Including the annual County TD Course in September
Master Point and Licensing Handbook
2016-17 edition coming soon
Beginning Bridge Book One
The update is available now
Is your club on social media?
Tell us about your Twitter or Facebook pages
Club and County Advertising
Discounts available
English Bridge Education & Development survey
Please help generate responses from non-bridge players
Pianola free for a year to affiliated clubs
EBUScore – the EBU’s scoring software
Training sessions planned for the Summer Meeting
Youth Bridge Camps
Residential bridge events for juniors this summer
Membership key fobs
No More will be distributed once current stocks expire
Direct Membership Refunds
A video showing the best of youth bridge
Updates to the Blue Book and White Book now available
The EBU Shop
Shop with us and support your union
Club and County Logos
EBU logos available to download for your website or paperwork
A good deal(er)
An Advert from Duplimate-UK about the new dealing machine
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