Club Management Focus: Summer 2016

EBUScore – the EBU’s scoring software

The EBU, in conjunction with English Bridge Education and Development, will be running training sessions for the EBUScore software at the Summer Meeting in Eastbourne in August. This will be on Friday 26th – as usual the TD training course will run from Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th. There will be an introductory session in the morning (10.30am) for those who are not familiar with EBUScore (or the Jeff Smith suite on which it is based), and a session in the afternoon (2pm) for more experienced users, which will address the scoring of more complicated events and look at more advanced ‘troubleshooting’. Each session will be free to those who are part of an EBU affiliated club, but places must be booked in advance via the EBU Competition Department – 01296 317203/219. Places at the sessions may not be available to those who do not register in advance.

To suggest any topics which you would like to be covered in these sessions, please write to

We hope you are all familiar with EBUScore, but for those who are new to their position at the club, or who may have missed previous announcements, here’s a brief reminder. EBUScore is the bridge scoring program provided and maintained by the English Bridge Union. It is a rebranded version of the popular Jeff Smith suite of scoring software - Pairs Scorer, Teams Scorer and so on. EBUScore is available free to all affiliated clubs, counties and EBUTA teachers. These groups can download the software via the ‘new’ Members area (a.k.a. ‘My EBU’). For more information on EBUScore, and further instructions, please visit our help pages.