Club Management Focus: Summer 2016

A video showing the best of youth bridge

The EBL have produced a video showing the best bits of youth bridge: fun; competition; friendship; the challenge; the joy of victory; the chance to represent your country and travel the world.

If you have an active youth section – or even if you don’t but simply want to encourage youngsters to start to play – then you may wish to embed the video in your website.

How you exactly go about doing so will vary from site to site, however the main steps are: link to the video in youtube,
click on 'share' beneath the video and choose the 'embed' tab,
unclick the 'share with playlist' option (if already selected)
copy the code
paste in to the relevant place in your website (you will need to be in the html writing section, rather than on a WYSIWYG setting – in
BridgeWebs this involves clicking the 'source' button in the top left of the editing area).