Club Management Focus: Summer 2016

A good deal(er)

The Duplimate Mk V

Demand for this model has exceeded all expectations but we can now promise delivery within 2 weeks. (Our ambition is to have machines for immediate delivery by the end of August.)

  • Sturdier than anything you've seen
  • You get a very comprehensive, yet easy to use, software package
  • That the right deal is put in the right board is secured by barcodes
  • Five years warranty with a unique 'customer satisfied - or full refund' guarantee
  • No maintenance required
  • Produced by Jannersten, a reliable company since 1939.
  • Comes in a practical aluminium carrying case
  • Works seamlessly with BridgeTabs and other scoring systems.

See it in action

More information

Sunshine Offer

We offer the following special deals until 30th of September. Note that prices are inclusive of VAT and that it will be no extras, other than the actual freight cost.

  • Duplimate Mk V ready to use out of the box for £2750. Freight is £32 for a Duplimate.

  • 200 decks of top quality (barcoded) cards for £198 (this price per 200 decks is only valid when you place an order for a machine). Freight is £20 for 200 decks and £31 for 400 decks.

Orders and enquires

Call 02920 377669, 0797 373 1539, or email, if you have questions or want to place an order.