Club Management Focus: Winter 2017

Our new membership software will soon be here

In March the EBU will be switching over to a completely new membership management system called Workbooks, replacing the aging Enterprise system which we have been using since 2004. As you might imagine, this will be a substantial undertaking and so we ask our clubs and members for patience during the transition period.

On 17th March we will be switching off our current systems, freezing them in place so that we can begin the process of migrating all of our data to the new location. This means that we will be unable to interact with our databases in any way. In particular:

  • No competition entries or bookings for courses will be taken.
  • No membership subscriptions will be able to be created or renewed.
  • Clubs will be unable to create new membership records.
  • No membership details will be able able to be amended, such as changes of address.
  • No UM file submissions will be able to be uploaded via My EBU.*

* As no files will be submitted there will be no updates to Master Points or the NGS in this period.

Note: the EBU online shop is a separate system and will continue to function as usual. So please keep shopping both online and by telephone.

If everything goes smoothly, we hope that by 24th March we will be back up and running with our new system and will be able to resume all of these services.

Of course, going live with a new system is not the end of the story. For a few weeks our staff will be getting to grips with a substantially different set of tools, so we hope our members and clubs will bear with us through this period. We're confident that in the long run the new system will be a tremendous improvement to our administrative capabilities, but there are always teething problems in the early days.

What will change? The transition shouldn't affect many members, and most will not even notice anything different. One notable change is that we will finally be getting rid of the old Members Area, and replacing it fully with My EBU, which has been beta tested for almost two years now. At the same time, we will be releasing the last few features to My EBU which have been waiting until the launch of the new system:

  • Events bookings will be available to members.
  • Club scorers will be able to submit session files.
  • Clubs will be able to add members to their membership lists, and create new membership records.
  • KO events created using EBUKnockout will be able to be finalised.

If there are any changes to this planned schedule, we will advise all parties.