Club Management Focus: Winter 2017

A good deal(er)

The Duplimate Mk V

Only the finest European components and handicraft has been used in this model because reliability is our top priority.

  • It is sturdier than anything you've seen
  • You get a very comprehensive, yet easy to use, software package
  • That the right deal is put in the right board is secured by barcodes
  • Five years warranty with a unique 'customer satisfied - or full refund' guarantee
  • No maintenance required
  • Produced by Jannersten, a reliable company since 1939.
  • Comes in a practical aluminium carrying case
  • Works seamlessly with BridgeTabs and other scoring systems.

See it in action

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Attractive pricing

You are advised to take advantage of the favourable prices while they last – currently £2,200 plus shipping and VAT – as prices are bound to go up. Please contact our distributors for full pricing information.

Orders and enquires

Duplimate UK (David Stead) or Duplimate-UK (Keith Butler)