Club Management Focus: Winter 2017

Pianola free for a year to affiliated clubs

As a benefit of affiliation to the EBU, all clubs can try Pianola completely free of charge for twelve months.

Pianola allows clubs to manage their membership, communicate with their players, publish the club’s results and build a website. Players benefit from personal analysis of their performance and can use the system to advertise for a partner, when they need one. Pianola integrates closely with the EBU database in real time, so changes you make in Pianola are automatically and instantly replicated on the EBU database. Adding or removing members, uploading results, retrieving all your members' NGS and grade information - Pianola automates the whole process. Many of these features are unique to Pianola, and it is seen by many as the leading online platform for bridge clubs.

To take advantage of this offer contact and mention you are an EBU club.

If you would like to see the features, and how it can be used, just email Pianola and they would be happy to give you a demonstration.