Club Management Focus: Winter 2017

EBED Student and Schools Sim Pairs starting soon

The 2017 EBED Student and Schools Simultaneous Pairs will soon be upon us. We hope that all clubs which run lessons, or with links to a school group, will hold a heat. Please pass this information on to any bridge teachers, or school teachers which run a bridge club, which you know.

This is a free event open to all bridge students – with no restrictions related to EBU Membership or otherwise. The teachers do not need to be members of EBTA to organise a heat.

The event consists of 16 hands suitable for relatively novice players of either Bridge or Minibridge (though it is anticipated that those playing Minibridge might only play the first 12), and is intended to provide some experience of what its like to play in an organised competition. The hands should be played, at any time between 20th February and 31st March 2017.

The number of tables can be as little as one…and you can enter the event with as many sessions as you may want depending on how many different student groups you are teaching – although of course any individual player should only take part once.

Small cash prizes will be awarded to the leading Bridge pair and the leading Minibridge Pair.

There is a commentary which we hope will be useful to you as a teaching resource for the future.

Additional information on how the event is run can be found here.

To register please contact Lisa Miller on 01296 317217 or by email – Lisa will then send you a package with the hand files, commentaries and other instructions).