Please support the forthcoming Simultaneous Pairs

EBED Simultaneous Pairs

Thank you to all the clubs and players who have taken part in the Spring EBED Simultaneous Pairs this month. The proceeds will go towards “improving and developing the infrastructure for bridge teaching in England”, which they hope is something with which, as a club bridge official, you will readily identify.

The particular aims include the development and launch of Fast Track Bridge, a new, accelerated learning programme that will take people from non-bridge player to being able to start playing in a gentle duplicate with just 24 hours of learning.

The proceeds from the next EBED Sim Pairs will also go to supporting EBED’s work in this area. We hope that your cub will host a heat, and support its efforts, and that you will encourage your members to take part – if not at a heat at your club, then at one in your local area.

In addition your club, and the heat winner at your club, can win up to £1000 (see below).

Other forthcoming Sim Pairs

There are two other sim pairs events taking place this year:

British Summer Sim Pairs – 25th to 28th July
British Autumn Sim Pairs – 3rd to 6th October

These represent the last chance for your club, and two of your members, to enter the prize draw to win £1000, or one of seventeen other cash prizes.

To be in with a chance of winning, all your club needs to do is hold a heat of one of these events. You will be entered in the draw every time you hold a heat, and if the heat is well attended you will receive additional entries.

The pair at the club who achieve the highest national score will go in to an additional prize draw. The first prize in each draw is £1000. You can read more about the prizes. We hope this is a big incentive for you to take part. There are also other benefits to participation in our Sim Pairs, and you can read more about those, and get information on entering, in this document.