Club Management Focus: Spring 2017

Our new membership software has arrived

Thank you again to all clubs and members who were patient while we installed our new membership software.

We hope you are getting to grips with My EBU, the improved members’ area on the EBU website. The features of My EBU are different depending on whether you are logged-in as a club or an individual member, so if you can’t find something then please ensure you are logged-in correctly. You can logout via an option from the account menu in the top right corner of the page.

My EBU is your portal to a range of information and services, including:

  • Submitting sessions
  • Accessing your members list, adding/removing members, assigning ‘scorer status’ to members, and downloading reports e.g. on absent members or guests
  • Downloading your invoices and accessing your transaction history
  • Downloading EBUScore
  • Entering Sim Pairs events
  • Accessing the Club Management Handbook

Club Managment Handbook

The Club Management Handbook, which was previously available via the menu on the right of the old members area, is now available via the utilities menu.

The Club Management Handbook should be the first point of call for any club official as we hope it contains all the information you would need to run your club effectively - from a Club Constitution to ideas for games for your Christmas party and everything in between.

A list of contents is available at

Help with submitting session files

We have a ‘how to’ guide on some of the administrative tasks which are done through My EBU available at This includes: Submitting session files; Dealing with guests (when producing session files); Dealing with members of foreign unions (when producing session files).