Laws of Duplicate bridge updated by the WBF

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge, which are updated by the World Bridge Federation every ten years, have undergone a refresh for 2017. They must be introduced by everyone by the end of September, and the EBU will be implementing them in all competitions from the start of August to coincide with the annual updates to the White Book and Blue Book.

The following video provides an introduction to the implementation of the laws, and how it will affect the more commonly encountered scenarios - those covered in our 'How Can I Help You?' series of videos.

The new Law Books are available to purchase from the EBU’s new shop - The Bridge Warehouse

Alternatively you can download the pdf version of the book here:

Or they can also be downloaded in various formats from the World Bridge Federation website:

The EBU will be running training courses to help with their implementation at all levels, and this will begin with national and county TD courses starting in the summer. Please look out for more information in due course, however we would encourage counties or clubs who would like to host “update” sessions on the new laws to contact Richard Banbury – – so that the necessary arrangements can be made in good time.