Club Management Focus: Summer 2017

The new laws of Duplicate Bridge – 2017

The World Bridge Federation updates the Laws of Duplicate Bridge every ten years. The latest edition has been published this summer and the EBU began applying the new Laws in its events from the 1st August 2017. Clubs in England are required to introduce the 2017 Laws by the end of September, allowing more time for directors and players to get up to speed with the changes.

In terms of everyday play the key changes with which you need to be most familiar relate to:

(1) the introduction of the concept of a “Comparable Call” and the implications for proceeding after an Insufficient Bid or a Call out of Turn (including subsequent lead penalties);

(2) claims and concessions;

(3) when the wrong players sit down at a table and play the wrong boards.

However there are, as you would expect, a number of minor adjustments in other areas. Of course it will take time for us all to become used to these changes, but you will find that the role of the director should, overall, have been made a bit easier and players will more often be able to continue play with a minimum of disruption.

EBED has prepared a set of training materials suitable for a ½ day course to explain the changes and provide some practical examples and simulations of how they would apply. Information about these courses, including a seminar at the EBU headquarters in Aylesbury on 14th September, can be found on their website -

Additional courses will be added as soon as dates and venues are confirmed. Please encourage your club/county committee to consider hosting one of these sessions – they should contact Richard Banbury – - for additional information.

A number of clubs and counties are also organising their own training sessions – and you may be able to find out more information in those cases through your club & county organisation.

All EBU directors have been trained already on the Laws and can be contacted to provide further advice.

Other TD Courses

As well as the ½ day seminars on the new Laws, EBED is also running the following courses:
  • Club Director Training (previously 4 days, now 3 days) – a list of planned courses can be seen here.
  • 'How to run a club duplicate' (addresses the organisational aspects rather than how to give rulings)
  • ½- or full-day general 'refresher' courses on a bespoke basis

The next County TD training weekend is 16th-17th September in Coventry. There are still a few spaces if counties wish to put forward any further names for attendees. Individuals should approach their county bridge association in the first place or contact for advice.

There is also an online quiz available which TDs can use to consolidate their skills: download it here.