Club Management Focus: Summer 2017

Fast Track Bridge has arrived

EBED are proud to announce the arrival of Fast Track Bridge

Fast Track Bridge is its latest course work book adding to the portfolio of Bridge for All learning publications which are all part of the national learning programme. This includes Beginning Bridge Book One and Continuing Bridge Book Two.

Fast Track Bridge is unique in that it provides teachers the opportunity to use the national learning programme in a variety of settings other than the traditional ‘three terms of learning’, including holiday bridge, taster bridge and stand-alone short courses.

The different settings in which it can be used are:

  • For ‘Holiday Bridge’ - this may be ‘learn to play bridge in a weekend’ , cruises or midweek hotel breaks (Monday to Friday)
  • At bridge clubs - increase membership by fast-tracking over just a few weeks in to soft duplicate or practice play sessions with the intention of integrating into club sessions
  • For Summer Taster Sessions - run the course for five consecutive days and then embark on Continuing Bridge and/or Practice Play sessions in the Autumn
  • Private class for four students
  • It is ideal for returners to get back into the game
  • Gives teachers the flexibility to fit in courses around their own schedule

Who is it for?

  • This course is aimed at those students who would like to learn quickly (and capable of learning quickly) and progress to playing as soon as they are able.
  • It is a new course and it is aimed at a different clientele to the Beginning Bridge Book 1 & Continuing Bridge Book 2 student.
  • The book can be used as material for self-study.
  • Time strapped students who prefer a crash course in a short time period rather than the steadier pace over two or three terms of learning.
  • Ideal for returners to get back into the game.
  • Four students who pay exclusively for a bespoke course.

Fast Track Bridge has been extensively trialled, and received excellent feedback.

  • “The content was comprehensive and the fact that participants could play hands in conjunction with the teaching really helped reinforce what we were learning.”
  • “It was great how quickly we got playing and how well the course led us from one thing to the next”
  • “Couldn’t possibly be better”

In one trial, of the ten participants all said that they would not have undertaken a traditional ‘once a week for three terms’ learning programme, and were attracted by the fact they were being ‘fast-tracked’. It is therefore hoped that Fast Track Bridge is going to bring new people to the game.

Ordering information

The books will be on general sale later this month, and more information on making a purchase will be circulated in the near future.

For further enquiries regarding the national learning programme, Bridge for All, contact Sue Maxwell