Is your club ready for a new year of teaching?

August is the biggest month for student recruitment. As you receive this newsletter hundreds of people will be online searching for beginner’s classes for this autumn.

If your club is running lessons, or has the details of a teacher in your area who you are happy to promote, then make sure your club website has a ‘shop window’ on the home page. Ensure that all classes, dates, venue and starting times clearly visible. People like to see a name with contact details.

Don’t rely on potential students finding a link in a menu – make the information prominent on the home page, using a large, unambiguous headline like ‘Learn to Play Bridge this Autumn’ (just having ‘lessons’, for example, could be confused as being for existing players).

EBED provide a standard advert which can be over written with local details. Personalise this advert and put on the FRONT PAGE of your club/county website in the coming weeks.
You can download them using these links:

One is specific to autumn, the other is more general. If you download them in your preferred format you can then open them in Photoshop, put them in a design package like InDesign, or even paste them in to Word. You can then add your details in the spaces provided.