Club Management Focus: Summer 2017

EBU online competitions with Funbridge

Starting on 2nd September members will be able to play in EBU competitions on Funbridge.

Below are some details on the competitions, and links to further information.

Please help us to promote the competitions to try to ensure they are well supported. As the competitions are at weekends, and can be played at any time during the day, there should be no conflict with any of your club sessions and gives a chance for members to play even more bridge.

If you wish to print a poster to display at your club, one is available here.

About the Competitions

In these competitions you will partner one of Funbridge's 'robots', and play against two other robots. You therefore don't need a 'human partner' to take part, and you can play whenever you wish as you don't need human opponents online at the same time. The competitions consist of 20 boards, and you can play them at any time during the competition period, stopping and restarting as often as you wish. The games will take place on Saturdays and Sunday, between midnight and 10pm (i.e. you have 22 hours to play your boards).

Acol is one of the bidding systems available for you to choose (which isn't always the case with some online platforms), and you can set which conventions and carding methods you and your robotic partner play.

The games cost €2 (by charging you in Euros we can charge less than £2), and Master Points can be won. The competitions are open to everyone.

We hope you will take part. Please see the FAQ for more details on the competitions and for information on how to play.