Club Management Focus: Autumn 2017

Elections held at AGM

The Board of Directors, and the Standing Committees, of the EBU were elected at the AGM this month. They are now as follows:

The Board

Term endsTerm ends
Jerry Cope (Treasurer)2018Rob Lawy2020
Heather Dhondy2019Ron Millet2018
Jeremy Dhondy (Chairman)2020Ian Payn (Vice Chairman)2020
Darren Evetts2019Graham SmithAppointed Director
Anthony Golding2018

Darren Evetts has since resigned from the Board.

The Selection Committee

Term endsTerm ends
David Bakhshi2020Paul Barden2019
David Burn2018Gillian Fawcett2020
Peter Hasenson2018Alan Mould2019
Jeremy Willans2020

The Laws & Ethics Committee

Term endsTerm ends
David Burn2020Heather Dhondy2020
Richard Fleet2018Frances Hinden2019
Martin Pool2019Tim Rees2019
Alan Wilson2018