Checking account balances

There are quite a few individual members which are in credit with us. We’d really like this money to be claimed and accounts reset to zero.

We are in the process of trying to contact those with the largest outstanding credits, but it would be helpful if you could let your club members know how they can check their own balance.

If they are in credit then this can be used when making a purchase at the Bridge Warehouse, when entering a competition, or can be withdrawn to their bank account (they will need to contact the Accounts Department with their bank details –, or 01296 317210.

Checking your club's balance

You can also check your club’s balance through My EBU. We try to help you manage your account, but there may be some instances where your account is not at £0 (setting aside any recent outstanding P2P invoices which would be collected by Direct Debit). We would appreciate it if you could check your own account and contact us to try to resolve any invoices or credit notes which are outstanding.

Your account can be seen on My EBU.

To talk to us about clearing any outstanding transactions (be they debits or credits), please contact the Accounts Department –, or 01296 317210.