Club Management Focus: Autumn 2017

How to run a club duplicate

In response to feedback for the Tournament Director courses to be more suited to the needs of clubs, EBED have brought the training materials up to date and taken the opportunity to change the format. The Club Director Training Programme has been reduced from four days to three, and a new one day course – ‘How to run a club duplicate’ - has been introduced.

How to run a club duplicate

This course is an introduction and ice breaker for those who might still be thinking whether becoming a director at their local club is something suitable for them. The course introduces delegates to the skills which a good director will need and to the organisational aspects of running a club session - eg movements, scoring, technology, etc. The course would also be suitable for individuals who just wish to help out at their clubs as scorers or ‘session managers’.

More details on the course are available here.

A course will be held at Oxshott on Friday 1st December 2017. Other courses arranged in future will be listed here.

Club Director Training Course

This course focuses on both "Book" and "Judgement" rulings which have to be given by a director at the typical club level.

Day 1 : Revokes, penalty cards, Opening Lead out of turn, Claims
Day 2 : Insufficient Bids, Calls out of turn, Unauthorised Information/Misinformation
Day 3 : Assessment

Courses are being held over the coming months in Aylesbury, Ilkley, Oxshott, and Horsham. More are being planned, and will be listed here when arranged.

For course bookings, fees, payments and other Frequently Asked Questions please see here.