Club Management Focus: Autumn 2017

General Data Protection Regulation

We have previously alerted you to the fact that the General Data Protection Regulation, will be introduced in May next year. Its purpose is to give individuals more protection and a greater say in how their personal information is used.

The General Manager, Gordon Rainsford, has gathered information about the regulation, and its implementation, and believes that it is unlikely to cause as many problems as we had feared. However, all of us – EBU, counties, clubs – will need to review and tighten up all our data protection procedures and policies.

All our staff are undergoing training for it this month and we intend to publish our own new procedures and policies by the middle of January, so that there is lots of time for us to deal with unexpected issues and to help clubs and counties in making whatever changes are necessary for them.

We will be in contact with you in the coming months with both information, and action that you must take. Please don’t be tempted to ignore this: it is important, but its requirements will not be too onerous if approached properly.

We can all benefit from seeing it as an opportunity to put all our data issues in order, which is what our members would want.