Tournament Focus: Summer 2010

Letters to the Editor

by Matt Betts

In our last edition, Addis Page wrote about the changes that would occur to Master Points, in particular that "the new Master Point scheme gives tournament players like us some fresh opportunities".

Mike Orriel (Devon CBA) agreed, but added his thoughts:

"Thank you for the newsletter which I enjoyed. I would like to make a comment on the decisions about awards (with which I agree) given to players reaching certain ranks in the Masterpoints scheme. It seems to me that getting to Grand Master from Life Master is rather a long haul for most players unless they are really dedicated and perhaps an award should be given to players reaching Premier Life Master. After all even at this stage you still have to double your green point tally to reach grand master."

All feedback is appreciated and will be looked at by the Tournament Committee who will respond in the next newsletter.

Otherwise, readers seem to be enjoying the new look of our online newsletter. Leslie Rock said...

"A much needed development. The website is starting to look good, with a lot of useful content on there. Please keep it up."

And Anonymous stated that, "I really like your new online newsletter and think it's an excellent move on your part into the digital age. It's just the sort of thing I welcome in my inbox to keep me up to date with articles and events on the move. Well done."

We welcome all comments, letters, emails and suggestions. So please let us know at our email address, or via snail mail to: Matt Betts, Tournament Focus, Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8AZ.

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