Please help to update our membership information

Earlier this month a list was circulated to every club giving the details of those members for whom we either had an incorrect email address, or no email address at all.

We appreciate that some members don’t use email, and others will want to keep their address private, but it is very useful for us to have an email address where one is available. One instance relates to the forthcoming introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (see this article) when we will need to contact every member. The more accurate email addresses we have, the fewer members we will need to contact by post, and the cheaper the whole exercise will be.

We are therefore very grateful to those clubs who have either updated some details, or have been in touch to provide some information.

If you have not yet done so, please help us by doing so by the end of the month, if possible.

Please keep your membership list up to date

Whilst having accurate contact information is important, it is even more important for us to have a correct list of members. Please ensure that the list of members of your club on My EBU is up to date. If there are people who are no longer members of your club, then please remove them from your membership list – this will update our central database.

Also, if they are deceased please also let us know so we can make a further note on our records.

Restricted information on My EBU

There may be some members for whom you cannot update the information. It depends on how the information has ended up on the system, and whether they have restricted, or permitted, access for you to edit it.

If your club was the first to receive the information, and provided it to the EBU during the process by which they were registered as a new member, then you can edit it. This assumes, however, that the member has not subsequently ticked the preference on My EBU which restricts whether you can see and/or edit their information on their behalf.

If the information has come to be the system via another source, then you cannot edit it until the member has given you permission – e.g. if they were already an EBU member when they joined your club and all you had was their EBU number, you would only get a limited amount of information until you are permitted access by the member to their full details.

In some instances they may have subsequently provided you with their full information, and be happy for you to see/edit it on My EBU – but they would need to change their preference on My EBU to indicate that this is the case. We cannot make a blanket assumption that this is always the case.

If the member has given explicit permission for the information to be shared with us, but you can’t update it online through My EBU, then please forward the information to us and we will update it. You may also, at some point, wish to ask such members to change their setting on My EBU so you can edit it in future.

Membership lists with Pianola

Please note that the majority of the information which is stored for each member on Pianola is not automatically shared with the EBU. Therefore, any updates made to information such as postal addresses or email addresses are not automatically updated with the EBU. If you wish to supply the information to the EBU that should be done through My EBU – or the member can make the update themselves.

This enables you to store information which the member would not otherwise wish to share with the EBU – or they could have different email addresses for emails from your club and from the EBU, by having a different email on each system, etc.