Brighouse on the Fast Track

Many clubs run bridge lessons, with a number starting to use the new Fast Track materials created by EBED. Lots of potential bridge players are created every year, but often this does not translate to an increase in the number of members of the club, playing in their regular club sessions.

Brighouse BC, in Yorkshire, ran a Fast Track course in the autumn, attended by 28 new players. Then, to ensure they converted these students in to bridge players, they have started a weekly evening duplicate aimed at those who had completed the Fast Track course. 21 of those who attended the Fast Track course have joined the club and most take part in these weekly sessions – an excellent start.

Features of the sessions are:

These sessions will run each week, and will end in September. By that point it is hoped that all will be confident playing duplicate pairs, and can be encouraged to transition to the club sessions - if they haven’t already done so. With ‘the nest’ then empty the club will then start a new Fast Track course to bring in the next group of future players.

There may be a few more lost along the way, but all being well Brighouse will see an excellent conversion rate from lessons to club sessions – far higher than the 20- or 30-something per cent which is believed to be the norm. The investment of time by those involved will hopefully have been very worthwhile.