The Summer Festival 2018

As the Devonshire Park complex in Eastbourne is undergoing extensive refurbishment, they will not have space to accommodate us for the Summer Meeting in 2018. We will therefore instead be holding a one-off Summer Festival in 2018 between 3rd and 19th August at a mixture of venues. We intend returning to Eastbourne in 2019.

Host a heat of one of the midweek competitions

The midweek competitions which are usually held on the evenings during the Summer Meeting will continue as part of the Summer Festival, but with a change to the usual arrangements.

This year they will each be held as multi-venue competitions, with the same hands played at a few venues around the country, and then scored across the whole field.

We are inviting clubs to apply to hold a heat of one (or more) of these competitions. We hope that there will be heats in most regions of the country. The events are as follows, with current host clubs noted:

Richmond Bridge Club

Richmond Bridge Club
West Midlands Bridge Club

Richmond Bridge Club

Richmond Bridge Club

These dates are the two days following the Swiss Pairs, and the two days preceding the Four Stars Teams - thus making two long weekends of bridge.

The benefits for your club and members

If you would be interested in hosting a heat of one (or more) of these events then please get in touch with

We hope that we will be able to make suitable arrangements so that it can be incorporated in to your usual club night, so is ideal for clubs with an already large session on one of those evenings.