TD Training

EBED’s calendar of TD courses for 2018 is fairly full, and caters for nearly all levels of current, or potential, TDs.

How to run a club duplicate

This course does exactly as it sounds, and helps those who have to run club sessions to understand the basics that are required to make a game of bridge run smoothly, including movements and scoring. The dates in the calendar so far are:

Chelmsford – Saturday 10th March 2018
Poulton - Tuesday 24th April 2018
South Bucks BC, Burnham – Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Welwyn - Saturday 8th September 2018

Club Director Training Courses

This is a 3 day course, focused on the Laws and giving rulings at the table. It includes both "Book" and "Judgement" rulings which have to be given by a director at the typical club level, and finishes with an assessment. See here for more details.

Courses will be held at:

Chelmsford; Solihull (West Mids BC); North-East Bridge Assoc (Wearside BC); Leicester (County BC); Horsham; South Bucks BC, Burnham; Poulton; Welwyn

Please check the calendar for the date of the three sessions.

Advanced TD Training Day (previously known as County TD Preparation course)

More advanced training is also provided for aspiring County Directors, with a 1-day Advanced TD Training Day in spring. This is for those who need some practice at the type of material that will be tested on the main weekend (see below). It is also suitable for those who want a 'refresher day' but who do not intend to go any further.

Leeds Bridge Club – Saturday 24th March 2018
EBU Headquarters, Aylesbury - Saturday 12th May 2018
Further information

County Directors and County Refreshers Courses

The County Directors' course is for qualified Club Directors who will normally have at least one year's experience of directing and some experience of organising events at County level. The prime objective of the course is to assess candidate's experience to become fully qualified County Directors, but is also a learning experience.

The 2018 event will be held on 15th - 16th September at the Coventry Hilton. More details will be available here prior to the start of the course.

More courses to be added

Further courses are also being planned - so additional venues will be added to EBED's calendar: plans are in hand for Bath & Richmond; preliminary discussions also with Exeter BC, Southampton area, Cambridge, Jersey and Nottingham; another course will be held at Aylesbury in the Autumn.

If your club or county would like to host a club director training course in 2018 or 2019 then contact Richard – He is working on the future course calendar and can provide information which explains all that’s involved and will be happy to discuss course details and possible venues/dates.