Club Management Focus: Spring 2018

County & Club Director Training Courses

Bookings are now being taken for the 2018 County Director's and County Refresher Courses. Please pass this information on to anyone at your club who is a qualified Club Director or previously qualified County Director.

It will be held on 15th - 16th September at the Coventry Hilton. The course fee is £ 220 for residential delegates which includes dinner, bed and breakfast at hotel for one night, and a light lunch on the Sunday, plus course materials.

Courses are only open to qualified Club Directors or previously qualified County Directors. This intensive course starts on Saturday afternoon at 2pm, with other sessions on Saturday evening, Sunday morning and afternoon, finishing at approx 3:30pm.

The County Directors' course is for qualified Club Directors who will normally have at least one year's experience of directing and some experience of organising events at County level. The prime objective of the course is to assess candidate's experience to become fully qualified County Directors, based on their performance in the exercises therein.

Participation is also a learning experience - those attending will; on completion of the course:

  • Have answered a pre-course test including topics from the Blue and White Books.
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a county director.
  • Have a good understanding of the Laws and EBU Directives governing duplicate bridge.
  • Able to deal confidently with common table situations.
  • Have participated in an appeal.
  • Have dealt with harder judgement rulings.
  • Have a better understanding of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017.

The course is a mixture of table simulations, lecture and written assessment.
The County Refresher course is for those who have already attended and passed the County Course. The course content is identical to the County Course and participants will be 'unofficially marked' on the same scale so you can see how you have improved since you did the County Course.

Further details available from Richard Banbury - 01296 317218 or by email:

Club Director Training

EBED’s Club Director Training course is designed for any player who wants to develop their knowledge of the laws or who want to become a qualified director to support their club.

EBED runs these courses at clubs all over the country. All courses are open to members of affiliated and non-affiliated clubs. Participants do not need to be members of the English Bridge Union.

How to run a club duplicate

This course does exactly as it sounds, and helps those who have to run club sessions to understand the basics that are required to make a game of bridge run smoothly, including movements and scoring. The dates in the calendar so far are:

Bakewell BC - Saturday 30th June 2018
Welwyn Garden City BC - Saturday 22nd September 2018
(NB: change of date from the original 8th Sept)
Easton BC - Thursday 13th September 2018
Aylesbury HQ - Wednesday 31st October 2018
Nottingham BC - Saturday 10th November 2018
Solihull WMBC - Tuesday 19th February 2019

Ladock, Truro - 27th June 2018. This will be held at a private address. Entries for that will be managed by the county. Interested parties please contact: Jim Barker

Club Director Training Courses

This is a 3-day course, focused on the Laws and giving rulings at the table. It includes both "Book" and "Judgement" rulings which have to be given by a director at the typical club level, and finishes with an assessment. See here for more details.

Courses will be held at:
Bakewell; Poulton BC; Easton BC; Welwyn Garden City BC; Aylesbury HQ; Nottingham BC; West Midland BC, Solihull; Cambridge*; Beckenham*;
* - one or more sessions of the course at this venue will have taken place at the time this newsletter is circulated.

Please check the calendar for the date of the three sessions.

Individuals can now book on these courses online, through My EBU (choose ‘Book courses’ from the ‘Utilities’ menu). If the club wishes to book and pay for the individual then they should do so directly with Richard Banbury - 01296 317218 or by email: