Advertising in English Bridge

We wanted to remind you that counties and clubs can take advantage of reduced rates when advertising their event in English Bridge magazine.

A 50% discount is available off the standard rates, with sizes ranging from a full to 1/8 of a page. An advert in English Bridge is a great way to get your event seen by EBU members, and you could promote your event to over 40,000 members from as little as £110.

Please see here for sizes and prices, and also booking dates.

Leaflets - Alternatively you may wish to include a leaflet with the magazine which will be sent to members in a specific part of the country. You can therefore target your promotion to those in your area, and provide them with extra information or an entry form. Please ask for further details as this service can be tailored to fit budgets of most sizes.

Web advertising - We also have advertising space available on our website, and adverts can be placed on our homepage. It will be seen by hundreds of visitors each day, and can provide a direct link to your website for further information or to enter. Prices are available on request.

To arrange advertising please contact the Advertising Manager: Chris Danby
Danby Advertising
Fir Trees, Hall Road
Hainford, Norwich
Norfolk, NR10 3LX

+44 (0) 1603 898678 Office
+44 (0) 1603 898678 Fax
+44 (0) 7889 325774 Mobile