Club Management Focus: Spring 2018

Fundraising service for bridge clubs

If your club is in need of funds for a project which is important for the club and the members there is support near to hand. John Harris (Third Sector Consultancy) has worked with two bridge clubs recently – raising £10,000 for each through Big Lottery Awards for All.
One project was to refurbish and re-equip new premises and the other was to fund a fast track programme to bring new members into the game and the club.

To complete an application takes one day for Third Sector Consultancy and this covers: liaison and discussions about the need for the funding; developing any steps the club needs to take (e.g. consultation to evidence the need for the project); and writing the application. The club has to be constituted but does not have to be a registered charity. The cost would be £350 (no VAT).

You can contact John on 01943 463047 and, John is a full member of the Institute of Fundraising and bound by their Code of Practice.