Club Management Focus: Spring 2019

It’s the Chelsea Flower show so it must be time for the Spring edition of Club Management Focus!

In this edition, I particularly want to draw your attention to a new version of EBUScore which has just been released. As this has some significant differences to the previous versions, you may wish to download it to a new folder and keep the previous version available should you wish to continue using it.

There are many similarities between bridge and gardening, particularly when nurturing new students and I recommend you read Jane Handley’s article on the all-important topic “From Classroom to Clubroom”. Introducing students to the joy of playing duplicate bridge as early as possible (perhaps using the free to enter EBED minibridge and student SIMS) is an excellent way to prepare your valuable seedlings for the move from the security of the greenhouse to the garden beyond. I think many of us are aware that we need to improve the conversion rate of bridge leaners to club duplicate players and I urge all clubs to place great emphasis on the EBU’s Best Behaviour at Bridge. The last thing we need is for our tender seedlings to suffer from an early encounter with unwanted garden pests!
As this is the last edition under my tenure as Club Liaison Officer, I want to thank you for your warm reception and assistance during my time at the EBU. I will leave my extremely knowledgeable replacement, Jonathan Lillycrop, to introduce himself in the next edition.

Happy gardening!

If you have any queries about any of the content in this newsletter then the best points of contact are likely to be, Communications Officer, Sam Kelly - or myself,

Bev Purvis
Club Liaison Officer
Febuary 2019